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Program of the Annual Auditory Neuroscience Workshop 1st December 2018, Brisbane

 Time: Presentation: Presenter/s: Location is Chislehurst Room, The Women's College UQ campus St. Lucia

8:00-9:00 Registration

9:00-9:55 Session 1 Chair: Professor Gary Housley

9:00 - 9:10 Welcome Helmy Mulders

 9:10 –9:55 Keynote Address Dr. Zhiyong Liu,

 Mouse Models of hearing Loss: Simultaneous zygotic inactivation of multiple genes in mouse through CRISPR/Cas9-mediated base editing

09:55- 10:25 Morning tea

10:25 -12:05 Session 2 Chair: Dexter Irvine

10:25-10:45 Presentation 2 Rob Shepherd

Chronic Intracochlear Electrical Stimulation At High Charge Densities Results In Platinum Dissolution But Not Loss Of Neurons Or Function

10:45-11:05 Presentation 3 Alexander Thompson

Effect Of Long Term Exposure To ITD Cues On Processing Of Binaural Cochlear Implant Input

 11:05-11:25 Presentation 4 Christopher Pastras

Assessment Of Utricular Nerve, Hair Cell And Mechanical Function, In Vivo.

 11:25-12:45 Presentation 5 Daniel Brown

Chronic Endolymphatic Hydrops After Antigen Injection Into Scala Media

 12:45-12:05 Presentation 6 Alison Cook

Measurement Of Slow Nanometer Movements In The Living Inner Ear

12:05-13:05 Lunch

13:05-14:45    Session 3               Chair: Helmy Mulders

13:05-13:25 Presentation 7 Karolina Kluk

Effects of noise exposure on young adults with normal audiometric hearing 

 13:25-13:45 Presentation 8 Kiera Grierson

The effect of rearing CBA mice in low level white noise

13:45-14:05 Presentation 9 Jack Zimdahl

High-Frequency Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation over the Prefrontal Cortex in a Guinea Pig Model of Tinnitus

14:05-14:25 Presentation 10 Bazil Razi

Developing An Experimental Model Of Auditory Neuropathy

14:25-14:45 Presentation 11 David McAlpine

Neural Coding Of SPEECH-IN-NOISE Is Impaired In Hidden Hearing Loss

14:45-15:15 Afternoon Tea

15:15-17:00 Session 4 Chair: Rachel Richardson

15:15-15:45 Presentation 12 Elaine Wong

Deciphering the roles of Six1 in Human progressive hearing loss

15:45-16:05 Presentation 13 Niliksha Gunewardene

Effect Of Epigenetic Modifications On Hair Cell Fate Determination In The Inner Ear

16:05-16:25 Presentation 14 Jenni Cederholm

Contribution Of the Cochlear Amplifier To Noise-Induced Purinergic Hearing Adaptation

 16:25-16:45 Presentation 15 Jacqueline Ogier

Inhibition of Apoptotic Signal Regulating Kinase 1 (ASK1); A potential strategy for the prevention of acquired hearing loss

 16:45-17:00 Closing remarks Don Robertson

 Post Workshop:

19.00-Late Workshop Dinner                  The Charming Squire